Alpha Preparatory Academy is a licensed educational facility that is Quality Rated. It located in the suburban areas of Snellville and Norcross. Our goal is to always provide the safest, most loving care for all children. Alpha Preparatory Academy will always consider innovative learning solutions that stimulate the natural curiosity of children. We believe that children who are constantly learning through constructive activities and playtime are on the road to becoming happy fruitful learners for the rest of their lives.

We currently utilize the Creative Curriculum and aligns it with the GELDS

The Creative Curriculum surrounds these areas of development- cognitive, social, language, fine and gross motor skills. It was developed on the framework and research of Piaget, Maslow, Erikson, Smilansky, Vygotsky, and Gardner, prominent psychologists. Creative Curriculum incorporates the following components in its curriculum and each is important for the development of the child. In fact, the US Department of Education stated that, children who entered Kindergarten with a firm foundation in reading will be more apt to learn than those who didn't receive such a foundation. (

  • How Children Develop & Learn.
  • The Learning Environment.
  • What Children Learn.
  • The Teacher's Role.
  • The Family's Role.

GELDS- Georgia Early Learning Development Standards

We ensure that we cater to the various learning styles, individual needs of our students as well as their interest and that is why the GELDS informs our interaction with the children. The GELDS is underpinned by five Learning Domains; approaches to play and learning, physical development and motor skills, communication, language and literacy, social and emotional development and cognitive development. Alpha Preparatory Academy adheres to these standards thus ensuring that our children are developmentally ready.

Phonics: Our children are taught the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they produce in a systematic and creative way. Phonological awareness is also an integral part of our curriculum; letter sounds, word families and rimes are done through creative activities.

Math: Our teachers provide practical, authentic and creative strategies for learning Math throughout the day. They are engaged in spatial thinking and geometry, measurement and comparisons, mathematical reasoning as well as number and quantity.

Science: The children at Alpha Preparatory Academy are taught how to develop an enquiring mind while utilizing the senses. Using the constructivism ideology our students are taught, Physical Science, Living Things as well as Earth and Space. They learn to develop their individuality and independent spirit and at the same time they learn that teamwork is important.

Technology: We strongly believe in teaching utilizing multiple intelligences as such our children are catered to through simulation exercises via the use of technology. Our lessons reflect respect for the visual, auditory, linguistic as well as tactile learners. Additionally, our children are exposed to ABC mouse. On this website they are immersed in colorful and age appropriate activities in Math, Reading, Science, Art and Colors as well as Music.

Areas in Our classroom

Dramatic: Our drama center helps your child to develop good oratory skills, voice projection and mannerism. Additionally, it helps your child to empathize with others as well as to use their imagination.

Math Center: The Math centers provide another avenue through which children may learn concepts in a way that is engaging.

Discovery and Science Centers: These centers are inviting and allow our children to manipulate objects as the explore ideas. The materials are rotated and updated to maintain children's interest and are aligned to the themes/nits being done in class.

Reading and Literacy Centers: The activities in these centers are aligned to the themes being taught and creative.

Art and Crafts Center: This center assists our children in developing their artistic expressions as they use their imaginations to create.

Blocks Center: Our Block Center is not only colorful and allows our children to work with patterns and shapes but it also supports the development of oral language, literacy, math, critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills.

Extra-curricular activities: French, Spanish and Ballet are offered at an additional cost.

Parental Involvement: Research has shown that when parents are integrally involved in their children's academic life then they are more motivated to learn. We encourage all our parents to ensure that they are active in their child's school life. We provide a wealth of opportunities for parents to become involve. Some of our activities include, science fairs, valentine dance, black history celebration, class parties, graduation and Christmas program are just some of the opportunities for our parent to become involved.

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