Alpha Preparatory Academy offers a variety of program to effectively cater to the needs of our children. We are also a year round center. Please see below to read more about the variety of programs we provide.

Infant Program (6weeks – 12 Months)

Our Quality Rated environment engenders a warm, loving and nurturing setting for all of our infants.

Toddlers Program (12 Months- 24 Months)

We provide a home away from home for our toddlers; one that is immersed with activities to facilitate the development of motor skills and caters the five senses.

Preschoolers Threes (3-Year-olds)

Psychologists such as Lev Vygotsky, Eric Erickson, and Piaget have all come to the same conclusion that the ages between birth and five years old are the formative years. During these periods the children learn to roll over, sit, walk, run and climb. Their hands are their world; they use them to play with toys, draw, write, and feed themselves

Thus, Alpha Academy takes pride in ensuring that our children are immersed in multi–sensory activities that facilitate their mastery of colors, shapes, and letters. Additionally, our routines allow our children to develop the necessary social skills that will make them effective in their interpersonal relationships. We are also strong on character building.

Private Pre-k (Ages: 4-5)

Our private Pre-K program is accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission. In this program, children will learn phonics, reading, and writing. They will also learn valuable school readiness skills that are vital to school success. It is no doubt that when our children leave our Pre-kindergarten program that they will be performing at or above grade level when they enter kindergarten.

Georgia Pre-K

This program operates for 6.5 hours for the day. Parents do not pay any fees if their child attends within this timeframe. If your child attends outside of these hours then a fee is charged.

All students must be four by September 1st to become eligible for Georgia Pre-K. We also maintain a waiting list throughout the year as well and parents are welcome to stop by and fill out a waiting list at their leisure.

Kindergarten (Ages: 5-6)

Do you have a child at home whose birthday falls outside of the academic year? Then Alpha Academy is for you. We have a private kindergarten program for all students who have a late birthday and want to keep abreast and well prepared for first grade.

Alpha Academy offers a comprehensive Kindergarten Program which includes, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Our Language and Literacy programs focus on phonological awareness, reading and is geared towards helping your child to become a confident reader.

Before and After School Care

Each day on arrival to school our children are given a hot meal. Additionally, they are also offered enrichment activities after school. The safety and security of our children are paramount; our school complies with the regulations set by Right from the Start. We ensure that reinforcement is given through our homework program. Furthermore, we provide homework assistance to all of our children and ensure that homework completion is given top priority.

We also have several clubs in place. Some of the clubs that we have are Arts and Crafts, Music, Debate, and our Book Club is prized by most of our students.

Summer Camp

We offer an academic summer camp experience that is unforgettable; the children are engaged in learning activities and field trips that are creative, facilitates critical thinking, and are fun. Activities include; expanding the imagination through Art and Craft, Exploring science as well as literacy exploration.